Breakthrough method 
In our programs managers will be guided through the breakthrough method for developing future scenarios and defining milestones that mark the unfolding of one scenario or another. Via this unique methodology, strategy can then be adapted and/or developed to properly respond to the future challenges.  This is truly future based strategy development and real enterprise risk management!

These advanced programs are aimed at CEO’s, directors, managers and anyone else who wishes to be able to provide their organization with a future-proof strategy, know where their industry is heading and enrich their own toolbox of strategic instruments. Even with our 2-day Kick-Start program you will be able to:

  • Perform a complex industry specific stakeholders analysis;
  • Understand scenario planning as a practical method to analyse and comprehend the complexity and ambiguity in the rapidly evolving environment as a necessary first step to enterprise risk management and strategic decision making;
  • Structure analysis of complex and ambiguous information and data such that you achieve a manageable number of concepts without reduction and exclusion;
  • Learn the step by step scenario planning methodology and experiment with the use of it as a tool for enterprise risk management, strategy formulation and/or strategy review;
  • Strengthen your bond to the team and develop your teamwork skills.

What will your industry look like in 5 years?
Today’s world is changing more rapidly than ever exposing companies to sudden upheavals and unpredictable events. Do you know what your industry will look like in 3-10 years? If not, how are you creating strategies to survive the future direction your industry will take? Are you using intuition, extrapolation, mere forecasting... are you guessing? Research shows that the average life expectancy of a multinational corporation - Fortune 500 or its equivalent - is between 40 and 50 years and the average life expectancy of all firms, regardless of size, is only 12.5 years. 

Scenario Planning techniques
With Sixth Sense Consultancy’s scenario planning techniques you have a well organized, scientific set of steps and procedures that enables you to picture your industry in 3-10 years, so that you can adapt your strategy accordingly today… making both you and your organization “fit” for the future! You will be able to adapt to survive and even prosper from the transition to come. 

Organizational success
What made Royal Dutch Shell go from the 8th to the second largest company in the energy industry to become one of the most profitable (oil) companies in the world? What kept AutoNation, the largest auto retailer in the USA, profitable during the recent credit crunch? Properly developed scenarios and strategy adaptation! They remained profitable despite the recession and their stock price jumped up six-fold since the lowest price level in 2008. The "Thinking the Unthinkable" attitude is making this organization very capable to react quickly to change. The 2011 Japan Earthquake influenced their business dramatically but not their profits (story). You too can share the same secret of success that companies like Shell and AutoNation have!
In-depth programs
Our more in-depth, 3-4 month Scenario Planning program focuses fully on your organization external environment and will deliver plausible scenarios for your industry’s future and recommendations for strategic change. Our 5-6 month program includes in-depth strategy development and enterprise risk management and goes further by generating actual Action Plans to enable you to take advantage of the future rather than be caught unprepared by it! 

Any investment of time and/or resources in this process will generate benefits beyond your present imagination and will allow you to not only survive in but profit from an uncertain future. This is a unique opportunity for smaller organizations to finally share in the secret of success that only a few winning multinationals have been able to use until now.

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