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Eric Maagdenberg, MScBA
Eric Maagdenberg has a Master of Science in Business Administration and is a performance-driven ‘catalyst for strategic change, innovation and transformation’. He has 21 years experience in and deep understanding of global businesses gained in small-to-medium and large organizations in a wide range of industries. Before immigrating to Canada he was working at ING Insurances head office for 5 years. Eric has significant leadership and management support experience in general management, Enterprise Risk Management, strategy and major change projects. He is recognized as being an out-of-the-box, strategic thinker with the ability to get to the heart of the issue, to find creative solutions in creating sustainability and growth and executing and bringing projects from strategy to ROI.​
About Sixth Sense Consultancy Inc. (SSC)
SSC is an Interim, Consulting and Training firm providing services in North America and Europe predicated on future-based strategy development principles. Helping businesses and organisations to identify and assess critical issues and blockages in either their operations or strategy that prevent them from reaching their full potential and expose them to risk; working with them to develop and implement change strategies to eliminate obstructions as well as deliver and sustain profits and accelerate growth.

SSC offers optimization Enterprise Risk Management and Strategic Planning programs by using a scientific set of steps and procedures for scenario planning that enables the organization to envision their industry in 3-10 years and thus prepare for the future.

The firm was founded in 2010 by Eric Maagdenberg and is located in Toronto, Canada and Haren, The Netherlands.
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“I attended a two day workshop on Scenario Planning that was presented by Eric. The topic was interesting to me due to my project and risk management experience. I enjoyed and learned from numerous good examples that Eric mentioned from his experience with large companies. Eric's experience with European companies in scenario planning is invaluable and brings a wealth of out of box thinking, a new methodology on looking at scenario planning and blends the historical and hard lessons learned by large companies into North American customers. I recommend Eric's consultancy to those who believe in looking at all possible scenarios, not only the good ones and those companies who dare to look at the string of events in each scenario. One of eye opening new methodology in Eric's workshop was looking at events in each scenario from end to starting point that allows to navigate through many possibilities and find major events in each scenario. Eric's enthusiasm for out of the box thinking and an innovative mindset in scenario planning, allows companies and its clients to stay in tune and in control in the rapidly changing environment of our world.”
Faranak Shojai.
Independent Consultant
“I attended a course on "Scenario Planning" run by Eric. I enjoyed the experience - he kept it interesting. He used a variety of learning techniques, and was good at explaining where he was going with the sessions. He is lively, interesting, and knowledgeable.”
Ian Watson
“The scenario planning techniques taught by Eric have helped us develop scenarios and strategies for the organization. Scenario planning has helped us move towards a desirable future, and has reduced risks of future uncertainty.”

Ushnish Sengupta, 
Free Geek Toronto
“The workshop on "Scenario Planning" truly exceeded my expectations. Eric is a bona fide subject matter expert and he was able to open the group's eyes to the benefits obtained from rigorous analysis. The slides are gorgeous and his examples and analogies are pertinent and timely. He is a very engaging speaker and he has the international business experience to back up his methods. I can honestly say that I value his training session a lot more than my MBA courses in strategy (which were overly academic). Definite value for your money.”

José Penate, 
Arla Foods.
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